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The White Suit: Three Ways

It’s summer it’s hot. That means white is your friend. And the white suit can be just as friendly if you play it right. We’ve broken down the awesome-if-done-right piece into three easy to wear looks that suit (no pun intended) any of your summer occasions.

Dress It Up

Wear the white linen suit as you would any other. Keep the patterns simple and don’t get too crazy. DO NOT go all Easter Bunny on us - easy on the pastels, dude.




White Linen Suit: Andrew Fezza

Shirt: Andrew Fezza

Lapel Rose: hook + ALBERT

Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo

Sunglasses: Tom Ford

Dress It Down

Go casual, get it dirty. Throw on a tank or t and have a little fun. Suits don’t always have to be so serious. Bunch up the sleeves and get after it. But again, shy away from bright colors, we don’t need anymore Don Johnsons over here.


White Linen Suit: Andrew Fezza

Tank Top: American Apparel

Shoes: PF Flyers

Watch: Rolex Submariner

Split It Up

Give the pants a break and stick with the jacket. You can treat it like any blue blazer and wear it with everything. Whether it’s jeans or chinos, have some fun with it, it’s a white suit jacket – not a lab coat.



Suit Jacket: Andrew Fezza

Shirt: Hugo Boss

Tie & Tie Bar: The Tie Bar

Jeans: Levi’s 511

Shoes: Cole Haan

Sunglasses: Birchbox Folding Sunglasses

Wrist Wear: Nike Fuel Band SE

Now it’s understandable for this idea to be met with some apprehension, but as always, confidence is key. If you want to pull it off you can. Just keep it neutral (for the most part) and always wear it with a darker shade of shoes to keep the look grounded.

Special thanks to the team over at Andrew Fezza Menswear for the inspiration, find more of their product here.

cool is what you make it.


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